2019 Newsletter Articles


December How to Handle Closing Costs in a 1031 Exchange / What do Rising Rates and Tenure Length Mean for Housing Market Potential in 2020?

November Introducing InvestEagle / What’s the Outlook for Housing Market Potential for the Rest of 2019?

October Starting an Exchange Late in the Year? / Where do Renters Have an Edge in the Pursuit of Homeownership?

September Converting Investment Property to Your Primary Residence / Interviews on CNBC and Nightly Business Report: Discussing the Refinance Boom and Tailwinds Boosting the Housing Market

August Retirement Planning with a 1031 Exchange / What is Preventing the Homeownership Rate from Reaching its Potential

JulyJust the Basics: Tax-Deferred Exchanges Under IRC §1031 / Five Cities Where Affordability Improved the Most and Why

June Top Ten 1031 Exchange Misconceptions / Six Cities Leading Shift Toward a Buyer’s Market

May Deferring Tax on Mixed-Used Properties / https://firstexchange.com/node/448

April Which Properties are Like-Kind? / Why the Stage is Set for a Stronger Spring Home-Buying Season

March Seller Financing Strategies and 1031 Exchanges / What Triggered the Biggest Increase in House-Buying Power in Five Years?

February Flattening Market May Provide Opportunities / Where is the Housing Market Cooling the Most?

January When an Exchange Straddles Two Tax Years / How Does a Strong Economy Slow the Housing Market? / https://firstexchange.com/2019housingoutlook