2022 Newsletters

January - Wishing You a Happy, Healthy New Year

February - When an Exchange Straddles Two Tax Years / How Will Rising Mortgage Rates Impact Spring Home-Buying? / The Five Most Affordable Cities for First-Time Home Buyers

March - When and How to Report an Exchange to the IRS / How the Ability to Work Remotely is Changing Housing Affordability for First-Time Home Buyers

April - 1031 Back in the News with the Release of the FY 2023 Budget / Simple Rules for Determining Replacement Property Basis in a 1031 Exchange / Is Affordability Worse Than the 2006 Housing Boom Peak?

May - Five Ways to Ruin Your 1031 Exchange / The REconomy Podcast: Housing Bubble or No Housing Bubble?

June - Can Foreign Investors Do 1031 Exchanges? / The Housing Market is Slowing by Design, but Don't Expect a Bust

July - Real Estate Choice of Entity - Revisited / Millennials Continued to Drive Homeownership Demand in 2021 / How Will Rising Interest Rates Impact Commercial Real Estate Cap Rates?

August - Real Estate Partnerships and Section 1031 Exchanges / What is a Recession and How Do We Know When One Begins? / Will Rising Mortgage Rates Trigger an 'ARMS' Race for Home Buyers?

September - When Can I Get My Money Back? / Where are House Prices Moderating the Most?

October - Exchanging Properties Held in a Trust / IRS Extensions Due to Hurricane Ian / Where is Housing Overvalued?

November - Using Reverse Exchanges as a Tool in a Changing Market / When an Exchange Straddles Two Tax Years / Maximizing the 1031 Exchange in Today's Market

December - Seller Financing Strategies and 1031 Exchanges / House Prices Decline, But Equity Buffers Remain Robust