2020 Newsletters

December - Like-Kind Requirements for 1031 Exchanges / What is Like-Kind - Video

November - Can I Move into My Vacation Home Without Jeopardizing My 1031 Exchange? / Video: 1031 Exchanges with Vacation and Second Homes

October - Should We Sell Our Home or Keep it as a Rental?/ Starting an Exchange Late in the Year?

September - Five Tips for a Smooth 1031 Exchange / Extensions Due to Natural Disasters

August - 1031 Exchange Replacement Property Options / Impact of COVID-19 on the Summer Housing Market

July - Using Reverse Exchanges as a Tool in a Changing Market / Millennial Homeownership Delayed, But Not Denied

June - Looking at Options for your Short-Term Rental? / House Price Appreciation Poised to Accelerate as Pandemic Intensifies Housing Supply Shortage

May Seller Financing Strategies and 1031 Exchanges / Video Interview: Why the Housing Market May be Better Positioned Than Many Believe Amid the Pandemic

April Why the Housing Market May Weather the Coronavirus Impact Better than the Great Recession / Investing in Delaware Statutory Trusts

March 1033 Exchanges: Deferring Gain on Property Lost Due to Condemnation, Casualty or Theft / Housing Market Potential Reaches its Highest Level in Nearly Two Years

February Exchanging with a Related Party / The Five Cities Where Affordability Improved the Most

January Drop and Swaps – Planning ahead When Partners Want to Go their Separate Ways / What Cities are the Most Friendly for First-Time Homebuyers? / Will Housing Market Potential in 2020 Exceed 2019?